September Experiment – Day 11

Jalira, Master Polymorphist keeps popping up.Jalira,_Master_Polymorphist

She was my first pick in today’s practice draft and I tried to craft a deck with cheap creatures to use as fodder and some bigger creatures worth mophing into.


September Experiment – Day 10

Today’s practice deck came together nicely.

It was pretty clear before pack one ended that I would be Green/White. My second pick was a Triplicate Spirits and I scoured a couple Dauntless River Marshals as well.

After pack one though it was clear I needed cheaper creatures. So I hunted those out and was rewarded in pack two.


September Experiment – Day 9

the living guildpactI never really felt like today’s deck came together. I feel I ended up with a pile of good cards that lacked synergy. This is one of my biggest weaknesses and the one I am trying to overcome most.

In pack three I first picked a Jace, the Living Guildpact and second picked Jalira, Master Polymorphist. At that point I decided to get as much blue as I could.


September Experiment – Day 5

I first picked a Hornet Nest and immediately decided I wanted Green/Red to take advantage of direct damage to the Hornet Nest. The idea of instant speed, flying deathtouchers is very appealing.


The September Experiment – Day 4

mind sculptSo today’s practice draft did not go as well as planned.

On pack one pick one I grabbed a Mind Sculpt. My thought process was, “if I get a Mind Sculpt in the first pack I can get a whole bunch as the draft goes on and just go straight mill. Furthermore, this is a practice draft so why the heck not?” I was hoping for 4 or 5 Mind Sculpts.


The September Experiment – Day 3

Day three of the September experiment didn’t feel so good. I felt like I drafted without a clear focus. See what I was able to put together and share your tips on drafting synergy decks.


The September Experiment

During September I am going to draft everyday to see if I improve. Yesterday (September 1st) I drafted on MTGO and went 2-1. Sadly that was because the guys I beat conceded on the 2nd game of our match. Oh well.