September 11

Jalira, Master Polymorphist keeps popping up.Jalira,_Master_Polymorphist

She was my first pick in today’s practice draft and I tried to craft a deck with cheap creatures to use as fodder and some bigger creatures worth mophing into.

However, no super cool fatties came by so the best I ended with was 3 Nimbus of the Isles. Hahaha! I hope that’s enough.

As for fodder I have two Raise the Alarms, a Coral Barrier, a Soulmender and two Fugitive Wizards. I would normal not draft the last two but again, I wanted some targets.

Take a look through the packs and tell me what you think.

Pack 1

Sep 11 M15 pack 1

Pack 2

Sep 11 M15 pack 2

Pack 3

Sep 11 M15 pack 3

The Deck

Sep 11 M15 deck

Your Thoughts

So there you have it.

A Blue/White deck that revolves around Jalira. The only thing is, if I don’t draw her things could get sticky.

What do you think?

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