42: Product Reviews and Strategy with the Professor from Tolarian Community College

The Professor YouTubes at the Tolarian Community College and specializes in Magic: The Gathering product reviews, as well as introductory and in-depth guides to the many aspects of game play.

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First Set



Favorite Set



Favorite Card

Urza’s TowerUrza’s Power PlantUrza’s Mine

Early Challenge & Level Up Moment

When the Professor returned to Magic he was strongly opposed to net decking. His next level moment was realizing that living in isolation is not a way to increase your knowledge and skill.

Proudest Magic Moment

First Friday Night Magic he won.

First Game Day he won.

First Game Day his wife won. (Gatecrash Game Day when she was 5 months pregnant!)

Favorite Format


YouTube Channel

At the Tolarian Community College the Professor reviews Magic: The Gathering products.

He was instrumental in bringing the FOUR by DeckTutor to the United States. In fact, because of the feedback from his audience Deck Tutor modified the design of the binder to fit cards that have been sleeved in a perfect fit.

Worst Product The Professor Has Reviewed

Max Protection sleeves are the worst the Professor has ever reviewed and their deck boxes literally stink.

Worst Mistake Players Make

Stubbornness. Out right refusing to play different decks just to learn limits growth. Even if you don’t like/want to play a certain type of deck competitively you should at least play them a few times in practice so you understand how the deck works.

Card Evaluation Tips

The Professor is a self admitted crank during spoiler season. He wants reprints and to return to sets that are unpopular. LOL.

Sealed & Draft Tips

Printing proxies and making sample booster packs to build sealed decks and draft before the pre-release.

Improvement Suggestions

Reading articles and being familiar with the current sets is a great way to break into Magic.

Mono Red for constructed (Standard, Modern and Legacy) is a great starting point.

Magic Resource

Tolarian Community College YouTube Channel

MTG Goldfish

MTG Top 8


MTG Salvation forums

MTG Subreddit r/spikes

Casual Wrap Up

First Commanders:

Krenko, Mob BossAnowon, the Ruin Sage

Most played Commanders:

Teysa, Orzhov ScionSapling of ColfenorSen Triplets

Art that the Professor feels embodies him:


Connect With The Professor

Twitter: @TolarianCollege

YouTube: Tolarian Community College

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