316: Pro Tour Champion Andrew Elenbogen – Strength Through Humility (1st Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica)

Andrew Elenbogen has 3.5 Grand Prix top 8s. He recently won Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica and still doesn’t believe it. Andrew is a return guest to the show and lives in Ann Arbor, MI.

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Catching Up

Andrew plays about 15 Grand Prix a year!


Andrew notices that in the last year he’s played better than he ever has. He’s stayed dedicated and has practiced extensively for each Grand Prix.

MTGO Preparation

When playing on Magic Online, Andrew plays in Leagues and sets.
He uses Leagues as a way to get a broad view of the metagame. He’ll develop a question and uses teammates and sets to answer specific questions.

Pro Tour Preparation

Andrew has cultivated a network of friends that he’s able to reach out to and practice with.

Parting Guidance

Thank You! Andrew wants to say thank you to the Magic community.

Connect With Andrew Elenbogen


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