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Card Kingdom

Choosing which online retailer to buy Magic: The Gathering product from can be daunting. There are SO many sites, it can be hard to decide which one to go with.

However, you’re in luck, because I did an experiment and found that Card Kingdom is the best online retailer when it comes to overall price and speed of delivery. I’ve been very happy with their service and selection of sealed product and am confident they will treat you right as well.


Playmats are fun, functional bits of gaming flare.
They make a statement about your personality as well as protect your deck from rough and dirty surfaces. They also make it easy to tap and pick up cards.

From broadcasting your participation in exclusive Magic events to displaying your interests outside of card games, playmats provide a fun way to flaunt your style and help you connect with other players.


Protecting your cards is a must. Sleeves keep dust, finger oils and other unwanted particles from tarnishing your cards. They also help you shuffle while protecting the edges from knicks and curling. I’m a huge fan of Dragon Shield Sleeves because of their color variety, protection-to-thickness ratio and size consistency. In fact, I keep a pack of 40 in my bag and reuse them at limited events. Even if you don’t use Dragon Shields, and use penny sleeves instead, the bottom line is protecting your cards is essential if you want to maintain the quality and value of your cards.


Magic has a lot of moving parts, particularly counters. Dream counters, +1/+1 counters, Quest counters, Poison counters, the list goes on. I’ve found the best way to track these counters is with dice. Having a set of dice as part of your gaming gear will keep you from scrambling around looking for some alternative tracking method.

Mana Symbols

Mmmmmmmmmana...Five Rules For Avoiding Mana-Screw

This is one of the best articles out there for learning how many lands and in what ratio to put in your deck.

The graph about half way through is a must-have for any deck builder.