September 5th

I first picked a Hornet Nest and immediately decided I wanted Green/Red to take advantage of direct damage to the Hornet Nest.

The idea of instant speed, flying deathtouchers is very appealing.

The problem was I didn’t see a single Lightning Strike. So I grabbed a few Forge Devils and Inferno Fists to try and ping at the Nest.

Hopefully I can play a Hammerhand or two on the nest and throw him into combat.

The big surprise will be when I Blastfire Bolt my own dude. That will be rich. 🙂

The Deck

Sep 5 M15 deck

Pack 1

Sep 5 M15 pack 1

Pack 2

Sep 5 M15 pack 2

Pack 3

Sep 5 M15 pack 3

Your Thoughts

What would you make with this pool?

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