193: How Not Listening Hurts You with Amir Radmard

Amir Radmard lives in Oklahoma City, OK. As a daytime job, he is an IT technician for a small company. In regards to Magic, he is a glorified FNM champion and considers himself the most grindiest of grinders. He has 1 Grand Prix top 8 that happened at GP Houston and has competed in several RPTQs. He’s been to the Pro tour once and is looking for more.


188: Broaden Your Base with Alex Bianchi

Alex Bianchi is a Silver-level pro from Buffalo, New York with 1 Grand Prix Top 8 and 1 win (GP Pittsburgh 2015). He is also the team captain of Team Dave & Adam’s for the 2016-2017 Pro Tour Team Series, and writes articles for ManaDeprived.com.


187: How to Prepare Like a True Magic Professional with Jon Stern

Jon Stern has been playing competitive Magic off an on for a long time but started to really take it seriously in 2012. He has 7 Grand Prix Top 8s including wins in Atlantic City 2013 and Atlanta 2014. He hasn’t broken through for a Pro Tour Top 8 yet but has a Top 16 and a couple Top 20 finishes.


186: How to Stave Off Mental Defeat with Bronson Gervasi

Bronson Gervasi planned a trip in 2017 to do the Star City Games tour starting with SCG open Columbus. From there he played in Richmond, then in the regionals in Baltimore, and finally at the Grand Prix in Pittsburgh where he made his first GP Top 8, qualifying for the Pro Tour for the first time.


185: Meet Your Heroes as Peers – An AJ Sacher Journey

AJ Sacher is one of the greatest minds in Magic: The Gathering. He has 2 Grand Prix top 8s and 15 StarCityGames top 8s with 2 wins. He’s created content for StarCityGames, TCG Player and is currently writing articles, shooting videos and streaming for Numot Gaming. AJ lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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