251: How Practice and Networking Yields Results with Daniel Gardner

Daniel Gardner is a 26-year-old Business Development Manager for a Global biscuit manufacturer. He’s been playing magic since 8th Edition/Mirrodin and enjoys watching and playing football, playing poker and of course Magic. He’s the 2009 UK National Champion and placed 3rd and 8th at the UK Nationals in 2010 and 2017. He placed 19th at Pro Tour San Diego 2010 and 4th at GP Florence 2015. Daniel comes from London, UK.


247: Go With Your Gut and Your Subconscious Super Computer with Quentin Martin

Quentin Martin has 4 Grand Prix top 8s, 1 Pro Tour top 8 and multiple top 16s. He’s played on the Worlds team for Canada and most recently took 4th at the UK Nationals in 2017. He was the #1 player in the UK for 8 years, has his own Player’s Card and is still near the top of the UK list based on Pro points. Quentin lives in Douglas, Isle of Man.


246: Worlds Finalist Javier Dominguez on the Journey from Silver to Platinum

Javier Dominguez returns to MTG Pro Tutor after two years of focused improvement. He’s a Spanish Magic player with 6 Grand Prix Top 8s, including 2 Wins, 4 Pro Tour Top 16s, and just recently placed 2nd in the 2017 Magic Worlds Championship. Javier lives in Palau de Plegamans. (Check out episode 47 for his first appearance on the podcast.)


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