267: Learn From Every Game with Sam Zackrzewski

Sam Zackrzewski lives in Madison Wisconson and started playing Magic as a freshman in High School. He started playing competitively in 2016 and has had a fair amount of Grand Prix day 2s. He recently made his first top 8 at GP Atlanta and will now be attending his first Pro Tour in Spain (2018).


266: Asking Questions – The Secret Sauce of Success with Thoralf Severin

Thoralf Severin has been playing Magic since Nemesis and has tried about every format, no matter how silly. He enjoys figuring out new and wacky stuff and turning it into a big advantage. His record includes a top 8 at Nationals, 2.5 Grand Prix top 8s, 1 Pro Tour top 16, being on the coverage team for GP Lyon 2015, and getting 6th place in a Magic Online Championship. Thoralf lives in Berlin, Germany.


264: Finally Making It with Derek Candelario

Derek Candelario is a Logistics Coordinator working on site at Google. He currently lives in San Jose, CA and has been playing Magic off and on for the last 20 years with the goal of getting onto the Pro Tour. He has 1 Grand Prix Top 8 from GP Portland 2017. Derek is from San Ramon, CA.


262: One Round at a Time, One Game at a Time with Brandon Goe

Brandon Goe has been playing Magic since he was 4 and started hitting the competitive scene full throttle in Shards block. He has several 2nd places Pptq finish’s and took 2nd at Montana State Championship. He made his first day 2 and first top 8 finishing 2nd at Grand Prix Portland 2017. He’s looking to make Magic a career! Bradon lives in Spokane WA, USA.


261: Making Magic History with Piotr Glogowski

Piotr Glogowski is a Modern enthusiast, weird-deck lover, MTGO grinder, Twitch streamer and Silver level pro. He’s made it to the top 8 of a Pro Tour and 2nd place at the World Magic Cup with his Polish teammates in 2017. He also has two Grand Prix top 8s, both in Modern, and played in the 2016 Magic Online Championship. Piotr lives in Poznań.


259: Victory Is Not Owed, It’s Earned with Louis Bachaud

Louis Bachaud has been playing Magic for most of his life but has only been grinding Grand Prix for about 2-3 years. This summer he played his first Pro Tour in Japan where he played a win-and-in for top 8, he followed this up with his first GP top 8 in Warsaw 2017. Louis lives in Lyon, France.


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