298: (Best of) Patrick Chapin and Focus on Yourself

Patrick Chapin, “The Innovator,” is a Hall of Famer, Pro Tour Champion, and 5-time PT Top 8 competitor. Author of Next Level Magic and Next Level Deckbuilding, his articles can be found on StarCityGames.com and podcast at TopLevelPodcast.com.


297: (Best of) Jon Finkel on How You Can Improve as a Magic Player

Jon Finkel’s prolific talents and sterling resume earned him the nickname “Jonny Magic” long ago. After a substantial hiatus, Jon Finkel returned to the Pro Tour and immediately demonstrated why he’s widely considered the greatest player of all time by winning PT Kuala Lumpur in 2008 and Top 8’ing PT Avacyn Restored and PT Dark Ascension in 2012.


294: Play to the End with Laszlo Poroszkai

Laszlo Poroszkai is from the North-Eastern part of Hungary, a small city without an LGS. He first started playing around 2000 and stopped when Counterspell was not reprinted. He came back in Zendikar and has been to a lot of Grand Prix since then. He’s semi-competitive but mostly plays for fun (and counterspell). Laszlo lives in Onga, Hungry.


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