218: The Secret to Recording Your Magic Games with Allen Wu

Allen Wu is a Master’s student at Stanford University where he studies Management Science and Engineering. He broke onto the Pro Tour by winning an MTGO PTQ 3 seasons in a row. His best results are 2 Grand Prix top 8’s with 1 win and going 10-6 in the last 3 Pro Tours. Allen lives in Mountain View, CA.


215: How To Learn From Magic Downs with Benjamin Luft

Benjamin Luft is a 31 year old Tax Consultant Assistant from Hannover, Germany. He’s been playing Magic since Visions but has stepped away from the game several times (as many of us do). He cashed for the first time at a Grand Prix when he made top 8 at GP Amsterdam which also sent him to Albuquerque for his first Pro Tour.


213: Be a Generous Winner and a Gracious Loser with Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones has been playing magic since Urza’s Saga and has been playing competitively since Onslaught. He has 10 Star City Games Open top 8s, 1 Grand Prix top 8, is a 3 time SCG Player’s Championship Competitor, has 2 Pro Tour Appearances AND is the Co-host of The Weekly Ward Wednesdays on Twitch.tv/kirwansgamestore. He is also a writer for MTGCardmarket.com. Kevin lives in Kingston, NY.


211: Martin Juza Shares Heavy Lifting Drafting Tips

Martin Juza has a record that speaks for itself with an impressive 25 Grand Prix top 8s including 4 wins and 3 Pro Tour top 8s with an additional 3 top 16 finishes! He’s well known in the Magic community as a pillar of good sportsmanship. Martin lives in the Czech Republic.


210: Controlling Emotional Responses with Javier Luna

Javier Luna is a veteran player who has played in several Pro Tours and Worlds. He runs a website at magiclair.com.ar that provides free articles in Spanish. The site covers all the formats and focuses on growing the Latin American Magic community. He has 1 Grand Prix Top 8 and 1 Super Sunday Series Final Top 8. Javier lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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