279: Don’t Let the Fear of Losing Hold You Back with Aaron Barich

Aaron Barich has been playing Magic since he was 5 and is now a regular of competitive Magic. With some aggressive brewing, he has made a name for himself on the SCG Circuit. His Pro Tour grind began at Battle for Zendikar with a highlight of a Top 8 in Grand Prix Memphis 2018. Aaron lives in Gulfport, MS.


276: Happiness and Self-Worth with Ben Ragan

Ben Ragan began playing Magic with Magic 2010 after quitting competitive chess in middle school. He top 8ed GP Toronto and has multiple SCG Tour Open Top 8s, as well as a heartbreaking ninth-place finish at an SCG Invitational.He has a minor addiction to casting Collected Company in Modern and firmly believes that Magic is about maximizing your options. When he isn’t competing, you can find him re-watching Game of Thrones or cook Italian food. Ben lives in Greenville.


275: How to Tell if Your Opponent Has an Answer with Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor is a long time Magic: The Gathering grinder and is a feared Limited aficionado in the North East. Some of his notable finishes include Top 8 of Grand Prix New Jersey, 3rd and 9th at SCG invitationals, Multiple old school PTQ wins, and 40th at Pro Tour Atlanta 2014. Josh lives in Henryville, PA.


274: Playing Lands and Making Friends with Galan Falakfarsa

Galan Falakfarsa has been grinding competitive Magic for about 6 years. His first exciting finish was in 2012 with an SCG Open top 8. Since then he’s made top 8 at several PTQs and PPTQs and played in a couple RPTQs. His GP Santa Clara finish was his biggest so far & he’s very stoked to play in Pro Tour Magic 25 in Aug. Galan is from Davis, CA.


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