September 7th

Ob NixilisOb Nixilis, Unshackled was my first pick. I figured he’d be a good win condition so the rest of my picks were centered around him.

I drafted a few Sign in Bloods so I could draw him sooner, a few Generator Servants so I could cast him sooner and an Unmake the Graves so I can get him back in case he died. I also tried to grab some direct damage so I could kill some creatures and beef up my bomb.

The rest of the picks were small creatures so I don’t die in the early game. I did get a few Scrapyard Mongrels and a few artifacts to activate them.

How did I know Ob Nixilis is good? Because he passes the quadrant test.

Pack 1

sep 7 pack 1

Pack 2

sep 7 pack 2

Pack 3

sep 7 pack 3

The Deck

sep 7 deck

Your Thoughts

So there you have it. What do you think?

Did I support Ob Nixilis enough on this one?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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