September 22nd

Today was supposed to be a day I drafted for reals, but MTGO spat out an error when I tried to purchase my entrant packs so I had to do a practice one on Bestiaire.

But fear not. I will record a real draft this week and post it here.

My first pick was Indulgent Tormentor (again – I hope the simulator isn’t on some kind of cycle) and my second pick was Cone of Flame.

I decided to go Black/Red but at the end was too creature light. I knew I need to draft them as the picks kept coming, and I thought i did, but I ended up with hardly any 2 drops.

That worries me but hopefully the heavy removal will keep me in the running,

Pack 1

Sep 22 M15 pack 1

Pack 2

Sep 22 M15 pack 2

Pack 3

Sep 22 M15 pack 3

The Deck

Sep 22 M15 deck

Your Thoughts

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