The Brewer’s Circle

While I have learned a great many things while playing Magic, the most important takeaway is that it is completely ok to just play the best deck


Calculating the Cost

089frdb5xb_n2m1p16Andy understands that no one is made of money. So come see how simple it is to break into one of Magic’s greatest formats! Don’t forget to comment on your own experience getting to the Pro Tour.


Modern Deck Breakdown: Jeskai Control

Cryptic-CommandI think that pure control is one of the most fun and rewarding decks that you can play, and right now the metagame may be a little soft to control. See what Andy is talking about in this week’s Mastering Modern


Modern Deck Breakdown: Mono Red Burn

lightning boltRed Deck Wins has been a part of almost every format at some point or another, and Modern is no different. Come see Andy’s take on this fine archetype and take it to a modern tournament near you!


Modern Deck Breakdown: Splinter Twin

Splinter Twin
Tempo-Twin is an intricate deck that aims to combine Splinter Twin with either Deceiver Exarch or Pestermite. When the deck is not winning with the combo it uses Young Pyromancer to play offense alongside all the elemental tokens he makes. See the ins and outs of this deck and take it to an FNM near you!


Introductions are in Order

I am very excited to have the opportunity to write articles and make videos for this growing website. I have been playing the Modern format since its inception, and I can say with absolute certainty that it is my favorite format by far.


Understanding & Breaking Down Mana-Base

I am going to take a look at mana bases as it pertains to legacy but with the re introduction to fetchlands into standard. Some of this will apply. The specific list i am going to us in question is my current Team Italia list(BWR) its a BW mid range list that splash’s Red for Value.


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