September 12th

Today’s deck took a while to come together.

In pack 2 I was still going back and forth between Red and Green. I should have jumped on one sooner but alas, not every draft is simple.

Ultimately I tried to do a graveyard theme but didn’t have key pieces like Gravedigger. It still came together and I even splashed two Generator Servants.

I know that might be shocking but I love this card. Maybe more than I should but still, I think it’s a great card.

Check out the deck.

Pack 1

Sep 12 M15 pack 1

Pack 2

Sep 12 M15 pack 2

Pack 3

Sep 12 M15 pack 3

The Deck

Sep 12 M15 deck

Your Thoughts

So there you have it.

What do you think?

I’m comfortable with those Generator Servants because of the Evolving Wilds.

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