Ultimate Guide to Attending a Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix

Ultimate Guide to Attending a Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix - $30

Arrive fully prepared for your next Grand Prix with this comprehensive guide that optimizes your preparation with step-by-step instructions and checklists for before and during the event.

Know exactly what to do for a stress-free event (including what to pack so you don’t miss a single thing). 🙂

Deck Building Master Class - $30

Come behind the curtain and spend 4 hours with three deck building masters and see the tools they use to review events as well as the process they go through when deciding what’s good and how to beat the meta moving forward.

AJ Sacher goes step-by-step through the evolution of standard and will answer why decks change from event to event. His section empowers you with knowledge so you can make better card-selection decisions and gain an edge at tournaments which will put you in the winners bracket.

Michael Majors imparts deck building fundamentals as well as what to look for and what to think about as you consider which deck to play. Deck building is a skill that can be learned and by implementing the lessons taught in the Master Class you will see results.

Matt Severa shows you how to spot trends and then fires up MTGO to reveal the deck he’s working on! He breaks down why he’s made the choices he has so you can apply a similar thought process and build better decks.

Limited Toolbox - $30

This 3 lesson pro training cuts straight to the core of what you should do when Drafting or playing in a Sealed tournament.

Limited Toolbox

  • Limited Deck Building
  • Color Selection
  • Paying Attention

Level Up Your Magic: The Gathering Skills - $100

This course is for players who love Magic: The Gathering and want to improve. It’s for the regular FNM warriors who need just one or two more match wins to get the monthly promo or claim the Champion’s playmat on Game Day. This course is for the Pro Tour hopeful who is just one round short of making day two of a Grand Prix.

This course is not for players who aren’t willing to review every aspect of their game and put in the work to improve. And it’s not for slimy angle shooters who try to win off of “rules lawyering”, fast-talking, and shady plays. (It’s also not for jerks.)