September 8th

Today was a real draft day. I joined a M15 Swiss draft queue on MTGO and pitted my skills against 7 others.

My 1st pick was a Kalonian Twingrove and I knew I wanted to be heavy green after that.

My second pick was a Dauntless River Marshal that I took in an effort to stay open for my first several picks. I didn’t end up playing the River Marshal but I did end up with white as my second color.

I went 2-1 over all.

That’s cool because you win 2 packs. I don’t open the packs. I save them and use them to enter another event. By saving the 2 packs I only need to buy one pack which saves me about $10 over all.

My record of 2-1 is the same as last week, so at least I’m not worse. I will keep drafting daily and go 3-0 next week.

Pack 1

Organized by converted mana cost.

Kalonian twingroveCarnivorous moss-beastLiving totemParagon of eternal wildsInvasive species
Solemn offeringPillar of lightWall of mulchTitanic growthRuneclaw bear
InvisibilityDauntless river marshalOppressive raysOppressive raysSwamp

Pack 2

sep 8 pack 2Pack 3

sep 8 pack 3

The Deck

sep 8 deck

Your Thoughts

So there you have it. What do you think.

I will work on editing the video and posting it as well.

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