They say practice makes perfect right?

So in the month of September I am going to draft everyday to see if I improve.

Yesterday (September 1st) I drafted on MTGO and went 2-1. Sadly that was because the guys I beat conceded on the 2nd game of our match. Oh well.

Today I drafted on Bestiaire. My plan is to do a real draft once a week and a simulated draft every day in between.

That said, here are the screen shots of my two decks. I would love your thought and inputs. Wish me luck.

September 1st

Sept 1

Yesterday, I drafted a Blue Red deck that relied on getting Stormtide Leviathan out.

In one game I used Generator Servant to rush in Master of Predicaments and then hit my opponent that turn (because it had haste) and cheat in my Leviathan because my opponent guessed wrong.

I won that game.

September 2nd

Sept 2

Today I first picked the Soul and thought I would be all in on red, especially since picks 2 and 3 were Lightning Strikes.

But I ended up in Black with several ways to get my bomb back if I ever lose.

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