September 10th

Here we are. Day 10 of doing a draft every day in an effort to improve.

Today’s practice deck came together nicely.

It was pretty clear before pack one ended that I would be Green/White. My second pick was a Triplicate Spirits and I scoured a couple Dauntless River Marshals as well.

After pack one though it was clear I needed cheaper creatures. So I hunted those out and was rewarded in pack two.

After getting a few more cheap creatures I knew I needed some kind of win condition. In pack 3 I was able to get a Kalonian Twingrove and two Sanctified Charges. I figured those would go a long way with all my tokens running around.

I also managed to get a Feral Incarnation that I think will play nice with the tokens as well.

Take a look through the packs and tell me what you think.

Finally, sorry the images are all mushy. I cropped the screen shot in MS Paint and it jacked the quality and colors hard core.

Pack 1

Sep 10 M15 pack 1

Pack 2

Sep 10 M15 pack 2

Pack 3

Sep 10 M15 pack 3

The Deck

Sep 10 M15 deck

Your Thoughts

My question to you is: In pack three I had the chance to pick my third Triplicate Spirits or a Paragon of New Dawns.

I went for the spirits. What would you have done?

The Paragon did not wheel and now I am wondering. Should I have taken the crusade effect over more creatures. The spirits are very fragile and the extra power and toughness would help a lot.

Ce la vie.

But what do you think?

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