309: Never Judge a Book by its Cover with Max Margolis

Max Margolis has been playing Magic competitively for 22 years. He has multiple Grand Prix day 2s with close cash finishes. Richmond 2018 was his first deep run to attempt to qualify for the Pro Tour. He barely missed qualifying for Cleveland by one win – but he did get 19th place. His biggest finish was at GP Denver where his team got top 4. He’s had multiple top 8s in PPTQs and IQs. He’s primarily a midrange player who has been playing since Urza’s block was legal in Extended. Max lives in Maryland, USA.

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First Set

Fallen Empires

Favorite Set

Ravnica: City of Guilds

Favorite Card

[draft]Pernicious Deed[/draft]

Early Challenge

Max faced tilt early on and learned how to manage wins and losses.

Worst Magic Moment

Wanting to quit Magic because of bullying in the community.

Proudest Magic Moment

At Grand Prix Denver, Max and his team made it to the top 4.

Best Format


Parting Guidance

Never judge a book by its cover.

Magic Resource

“Have a Plan” episode on Limited Resources.

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