312: GP Champion Eli Kassis on How to Spot Magic: The Gathering Cheating (1st GP New Jersey 2018)

Eli Kassis returns to MTG Pro Tutor for the 3rd time as he keeps growing his accomplishments and notoriety. Eli now has 6 Grand Prix top 8s and is the Champion of Grand Prix New Jersey 2018. He has won an SCG Invitational and has 2 Pro Tour top 32’s. Eli lives in Vestal, NY and is a member of team Face to Face Games.

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Eli Kassis comes back to MTG Pro Tutor for the 3rd time. He was episode 101 and 206 and now is back on episode 312.

Key To Success

Teams have been Eli’s key to success.
Have a thirst for knowledge to find unique lines of play.

Tips To Minimize/Spot Cheating

  1. Look at their eyes when they’re shuffling your deck.
  2. Note how long they are shuffling.
  3. Ask for them to end with a cut.
  4. Always shuffle their deck and end cut.

Parting Guidance

Pivot and look to others to manage tilt.
There’s a lot that can be learned from the experiences of others.

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