311: Never Play a Deck You Don’t Like with Kellen Pastore (4th place GP New Jersey 2018)

Kellen Pastore is a 3 time Grand Prix Top 8 Competitor, a full-time grad student, and a noted enthusiast of linear aggro decks. Kellen lives in MAPLE GLEN, Pennsylvania.

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First Set

Carrion Ants

Favorite Set


Favorite Card

Bellows Lizard

Early Challenge

Getting used to the inconsistency of Magic because Kellen came from a game that was more consistent.

Worst Gaming Moment

Before Kellen got into Magic, he lost a miniature game and really lost his cool. Since then, he has gotten better at regulating his emotions by reminding himself that his opponent is trying, just like he is.

Proudest Magic Moment

When Kaladesh was released, Kellen created a Red-Black Zombie deck that ended up impacting the metagame at that time.

What Have You Learned From Magic

Meeting and making friends.

Biggest Mistakes of Players

Ever committing into sweepers. Playing too many creatures when the opponent has a board wipe.

Tournament Preparation

Kellen practiced a lot with his deck leading up to events. He looks to make sure that his deck holds up against the top decks.

Parting Guidance

Never play a deck you don’t like to play.

Magic Resource

Misplaced Ginger (twitch.tv) for Standard; MTG Goldfish

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