184: Pick and Stick to a Deck with Daniel Fournier

Daniel Fournier is a Toronto native, known locally for his dedication to the game and aggressive hyperbole. He had a breakout year in 2014, top 8’ing Grand Prix Montreal after going undefeated in the Swiss rounds. Then he represented Canada at the World Magic Cup. Since then, he’s rattled off another pair of Grand Prix top 8s and is hoping to make it big on the Pro Tour stage.


182: The Pro Tour Prophet Adam Van Fleet Shares His Secrets

Adam Van Fleet is a full-time Project Manager who plays Magic in the little spare time he can muster. He was introduced to the game back in 1998, and has played competitively off-and-on since 2012. He Top 25’d Pro Tour Journey Into Nyx, Top 8’d GP Pittsburgh 2017, and Won SCG Philidelphia 2013.


179: Ungrinding Magic with Simon Slutsky

Simon Slutsky has 1 Grand Prix Top 8 and 1 Grand Prix win. He made day 2 at Pro Tour Sydney and is a 5 time PPTQ second place finisher. He’s a Merfolk enthusiast who goes a little deep on Modern and a Nuclear physics researcher when he’s not playing Magic.


175: How to Theorycraft with Eric English

Eric English has cashed many Grand Prix and has 1 Grand Prix top 8 and a Pro Tour top 32, both in 2016. He’s a Silver Level Pro looking to continue the success he had last year. Eric is from Rochester, New York.


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