Why Winning Matters

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A few weeks ago we talked about all of the reasons why playing a top tier deck can help you improve your MTG skills (you can read that article HERE)

The last reason we provided was: playing a top tier deck will give you a taste of success.

While winning isn’t the ONLY way to measure success, winning is important to your development as a Magic player for a variety of reasons:


1) Winning builds self-confidence.

The more consistently you win, the more you develop confidence in your gameplay skills and decision making abilities. While you can still improve as a Magic player and develop self-confidence when you lose, it’s not as easy to recognize that improvement when you’re getting crushed. And the more you win, the more you can look back on those wins and determine what you’re doing right in order to come out victorious.


2) Winning raises your expectations and sets a new norm.

After my Eagles won the Super Bowl this past season, the head coach talked about how winning would be “the new norm” for the team.

When I heard that, I reflected on my growth as a Magic player – winning FNMs and Game Days to winning a PPTQ and frequently earning Top 8 – and I realized that at some point my expectation going into tournaments went from “I’m probably going to get my butt kicked,” to “I’m going to win this event.”

Expecting to win gives you the strong mindset that you need to actually go into a tournament and perform well. It subliminally reinforces the idea that you’re capable of winning.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between expecting to win and having to win. Telling yourself that you have to perform a certain way at a tournament adds a ton of pressure and positions you for disappointment.

On the other hand, if you expect to win, you’re simply setting the tone for victory without actually giving yourself an ultimatum.


3) Winning gives you a track record of success to reflect upon.

Even as you improve at Magic, you’re going to experience losing streaks. While you’re in these losing streaks, you may question your skills or even consider quitting.

Having those previous wins to look back on will serve as hard evidence that you have the skills, determination and intuition needed to win. They’ll keep you afloat during those rough times, and looking back on what you did right may actually help you get out of those losing streaks.

Winning may not be everything in Magic, but you need to be able to win in order to reach higher levels of play. Making winning an expectation will help you push down the path to continuous improvement.

What are your thoughts on winning as it relates to your development as a player? Reply to this email or post about it on the MTG Pro Tutor Facebook page.

Now go win.

Thanks for reading.

– Jeff Sheerin, MTG Pro Tutor Scribe

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