white in M15An overview of White in M15 including the viable token strategy. As a white drafter in M15 you’ll have several options at your fingertips and can build your deck with game crushing synergies.

Top 5 non-rares

1. Triplicate Spirits – This card is a doozy. The best comparison is a toned down Lingering Souls. It takes over games and is virtually unbeatable in multiples.

2. Geist of the Moors is incredibly aggressive and great at what it does. Very straight forward and best in builds that are very close to Mono White.

3. Heliod’s Pilgram defines many very powerful archetypes in M15 limited including the very dangerous R/W enchantments deck. I think it will prove to be useful in a variety of both aggressive and controlling decks.

4.Raise the Alarm is the best two drop in both the Triplicate Spirits deck and the G/W convoke deck. It is a role player in all aggressive white decks and is great with both Sanctified Charge and Paragon of New Dawns.

5. Kinsbaile Skirmisher is a role player in all aggressive white decks and also works well in convoke decks.


White’s archetypes, much like Red’s, are all based on killing the opponent as quickly as possible.

W/R is an enchantment based deck revolving around Heliod’s Pilgram and Brood Keeper. It’s probably the best deck in the format and one that you must be prepared to face if you plan on winning any drafts.

W/G Is all about the convoke mechanic. You play lots of tiny White creatures which then tap in order to accelerate you into large green instants and sorceries. Feral Incarnation Is probably the best of these big fatties to ramp to.

Mono W gives you access to strong double white spells as well as allowing you to sometimes be the only White drafter at your table. Whenever this happens, you know you will have a very strong deck.

W/U is all about Welkin Tern and Quickling. Killing your opponent is your goal and thee evasive threats are here to help!

W/B is certainly the worst of these archetypes. It can be enchantment based or can be controlling. While the flavor is up to you, this is usually a deck that falls to you during the draft rather than one you go into the draft actively thinking about.


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