266: Asking Questions – The Secret Sauce of Success with Thoralf Severin

Thoralf Severin has been playing Magic since Nemesis and has tried about every format, no matter how silly. He enjoys figuring out new and wacky stuff and turning it into a big advantage. His record includes a top 8 at Nationals, 2.5 Grand Prix top 8s, 1 Pro Tour top 16, being on the coverage team for GP Lyon 2015, and getting 6th place in a Magic Online Championship. Thoralf lives in Berlin, Germany.

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First Set


Favorite Set

Shards of Alara Block

Favorite Card

Teferi’s ResponseHidetsugu’s Second Rite

Early Challenge

Thoralf really wanted to get better but we didn’t have the same resources we do now. He overcome this by learning how to talk with others about Magic.

Worst Magic Moment

Losing the round for a PT top 8. Thoralf learned to think about every decision all the way through.

Proudest Magic Moment

First GP top 8.

What Have You Learned From Magic


Advice for New Players

Utilize the strengths and weaknesses of your group. Figure out what to learn from whom.

Magic Milestones

Top 8 at Nationals, won PTQ, first Pro Tour

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Players don’t play the best deck. Also, people don’t bluff enough.

How to Effectively Prepare for a Big Event

Thoralf watched a lot of twitch of streamers who played Limited a ton. You have to filter what people say and test and validate for yourself.

Parting Guidance

Nothing can go wrong by asking questions. Connect with good players and have an open mind to learning.

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