140: Thien Nguyen Talks Near Misses, Close Calls and Victories (aka All the Stories)

Thien Nguyen is a 26 year old engineer living Boston. He’s known as a Titanshift Innovator and has made top 8 at GP Pittsburgh 2015 and GP Atlanta 2016. He’s a Silver Level Pro looking to move on up.

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First Set

7th Edition

Favorite Set

Eldritch Moon

Favorite Card

Primeval Titan

Early Challenge

Thien struggled with feeling intimidated. He started looking at better players like Ari Lax and getting feedback from them.

Worst Magic Moment

1st Limited PTQ. Thien was very arrogant. He felt he played very well and got to the point where he felt like he deserved to win. He made it to the finals and lost game one. In game 2 his opponent missed triggers and got a game loss. In game 3 the wheels come off and Thien lost hard. He was very down but through reflection he realized he wasn’t ready for the Pro Tour.

Proudest Magic Moment

GP Pittsburgh – Playing against Willy Edel.
Thien’s luck turned and he was able to make top 8.

Deepest Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself

Thien learned he wants to be as happy as possible in life and Magic brings him a lot of joy.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

During combat the most mistakes are made. People make attacks they really shouldn’t and Thien will quadruple block to catch them off guard.

How to Effectively Prepare for a Big Event

For sealed events, play as many pre releases as possible. Memorize combat tricks, know which cords are “may” and which ones you have to execute.


Friends in Magic are invaluable. Bouncing ideas of others is critical.

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Connect With Thien Nguyen

Twitter: @thinenagooyen

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