93: Armadillo Cloak Invasion with Stephen Murray – Scotish World Magic Cup Team Captain

Stephen Murray is a three-time Scottish National Champion, two-time World Magic Cup Top 8’r, has a couple of Pro Tour top 50’s, and is a 2HG Draft and other weird format enthusiast. Stephen lives in Scotland.

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First Set

Invasion / Mercadian Masques

Favorite Set

Ravnica: City of Guilds

Favorite Card

Armadillo Cloak

What makes Magic: The Gathering fun for you?

Easy to get lost in the game if you just picture what’s actually happening. And it has a great competitive scene.

Worst Moment

Having his Magic bag stolen.

Proudest Magic Moment

First time becoming National Champion in 2006.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Not knowing how to sideboard in advance.

What’s in Your Tournament Bag


Light snack



Improvement Suggestions

Play lots of games, even if it’s not competitive.

Magic Resource

Channel Fireball

MTG Top 8

Connect With Stephen Murray

Twitter: @JechtMurray

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