179: Ungrinding Magic with Simon Slutsky

Simon Slutsky has 1 Grand Prix Top 8 and 1 Grand Prix win. He made day 2 at Pro Tour Sydney and is a 5 time PPTQ second place finisher. He’s a Merfolk enthusiast who goes a little deep on Modern and a Nuclear physics researcher when he’s not playing Magic.

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First Set


Favorite Set

Eldritch Moon

Favorite Card

Phantasmal Image

Early Challenge

Simon struggled with guessing what his opponent level and trying to play around things

Breakthrough Moment

GP Los Angeles 2016

Worst Magic Moment

After practicing with his Merfolk deck, Simon attended a GP and got a terrible pairing in round 1. He got destroyed but learned to take every game one at a time.

Proudest Magic Moment

Winning a Grand Prix.

What Have You Learned From Magic

Simon has noticed that life has taught him how to handle Magic and Magic has taught him to keep an ever keel.

Best Format


Biggest Mistake Players Make

People tend to over think things too much. There’s a line between theory crafting and wasting time.

Tournament Day Tips

Drink water, bring healthy snacks, go with friends

Parting Guidance

Have fun. Magic shouldn’t be a grind.

Magic Resource

Twitter, Reddit, CFB, MTG Goldfish, Modern Nexus.com

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