205: How Trusting Teammates and Adopting New Strategies Will Yield Results Like Simon Nielsen

Simon Nielsen is a 22 year old linguistics student from Denmark who tries to play Magic for a living. He is currently testing with the team Mint card, and writes articles for mtgmintcard.com. He was part of the Danish national team that won the World Magic Cup in 2014 (the Daneblast guy), got 2nd at GP Brussels 2015, 8th at GP Bologna 2017 and 10th at the Pro Tour Eldritch Moon.

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First Set

Mirrodin besieged

Favorite Set

New Phyrexia

Favorite Card

Liliana of the veil

Early Challenge

Brewing decks were a struggle because Simon told himself he wasn’t good enough to play tier 1 decks. He finally overcomes this by understanding that playing the best deck is his edge.

Worst Magic Moment

At Simon’s 2nd World Magic Cup, his team was knocked out early. This felt bad because they had won the year before. Simon stayed and cheered on other countries and made friends.

Proudest Magic Moment

Winning World Magic Cup in 2014.

What Have You Learned From Magic

Risk management. What’s the expected value of your decisions. Compare the best thing you could get to the chance of getting that outcome.

Magic Breakthrough Moment

Simon went from being terrible at Limited tot a year later top 8’ing a Limited Grand Prix. It took a while, but he started trusting his teammates and adopting their strategy.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Player’s don’t have plan. Look far down the line. How are you going to win. Work on the sideboard and play more side board games.

Parting Guidance

Read Simon’s articles “How to become the worlds luckiest Magic Player” and “All your invalid excuses for not playing the best decks.”

Magic Resource

mtgmintcard.com -Simon’s articles

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