167: Seth Manfield, 2015 World Champion on What it Take to Rise to the Top

Seth Manfield is the 2015 World Champion and has 11 Grand Prix top 8’s including 5 Wins. He also has 2 Pro Tour Top 8’s as well as multiple Pro Tour top 16’s. He’s a full-time Magic player and content producer for TCGplayer.com. Part of the #mtgdad club and a current Platinum Pro. Seth lives in Maryland, USA.

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First Set


Favorite Set

Ravnica City of Guilds

Favorite Card

Vedalken Dismisser

Early Challenge

Confidence in his ability to compete.


First Pro Tour Top 8. Fate Reforged.

Worst Magic Moment

Loss to Shahar Shenhar to make top 8 of a Grand Prix. Seth thought he blew his chance to make the Pro Tour.

Proudest Magic Moment

Winning 2015 World Championship.

What have you learned from Magic

You can follow what you love and turn it into a career.

Deepest Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself

Most players look at Magic as a hobby. Seth approaches the game as aa job. He’s come to be okay with lifestyle.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Thinking they’ve won a game before it’s over. Think about your opponents outs.


Seth is buying up misplays and his deck building skills.

Weekly Rituals

Look at decks that are doing well and familiarize yourself with the top deck lists.

How to Effectively Prepare for a Big Event

Know the current meta-game. What are the best decks? Play against the top 3 decks but also be prepared for the surprise builds.

What’s in Your Tournament Bag

Cards, Deck, Life Pad

Improvement Suggestions

Have fun, brew decks. Try things out and be happy with how you view the game.

Magic Resource

TCG Player, Wizards of the Coast Website

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