172: How To Avoid Giving Away Information with Rodrigo Togores

Rodrigo Togores has several good finishes at many Magic events, but most notably is the Champion of Grand Prix Prague 2016.

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First Set

Mercadian Masques

Favorite Set

Urza’s Saga

Favorite Card

BrainstormTendrils of Agony

Early Challenge

Combat Math.

Breakthrough Moment

2015, Rodrigo won a Vintage tournament in Italy.

What have You Learned from Magic

Planning ahead and being prepared. By traveling a lot Rodrigo has gained skills that are useful all the time.

Worst Magic Moment

Rodrigo traveled to the U.S. to play in an SCG event. He lost his win-and-in to Jim Davis because he miscounted by one. Rodrigo learned to think twice when he plays. It’s a skill worth having for any match up.

Proudest Magic Moment

Win GP Prague.

Advice for Beginner Legacy

Not every deck is super expensive. Legacy cards maintain their value so you can sell a deck and buy into another one fairly easily.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Players give away free information. Always think if it matters to play this card now or later. If you can, play it later.

Tournament Tips

Drink a lot of water, go to the restroom between every round.

Improvement Suggestions

Don’t pile shuffle!

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