198: Robert Lombardi Returns for Magic PRO-Pourri

Robert Lombardi still has a Degree in Mechatronics Engineering (he hasn’t lost it), and is married and has a 15-month-old son. He has 3 Grand Prix top 8s now including a win at Grand Prix Toronto 2016. He’s still better at Limited than Constructed and is striving to not be 1 point shy of Silver. Robert was first on the MTG Pro Tutor podcast in episode 125.

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How to Effectively Prepare for a Big Event

Robert played around with all the top decks and found his stride with Mardu vehicles.

FNM Side Board VS. Pro Side Board

You know the meta much better at the local level. Your board at a big event is less targeted.

First Strike Podcast

Robert is co-hosting a spiky podcast about competitive Magic.
Brian Gottlieb is the best built from scratch deck builder.

Parting Guidance

People ask for feedback but then argue when they get it. Don’t do that!

Magic Resource

First Strike Podcast

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