red in M15Red is very much the best color in M15 Limited. At all points on the curve Red has the strongest cards and it also has very efficient kill spells and bombs. As I go through each color I am going to give you my thoughts on the top 5 non-rare cards of that color and then rank the 5 possible archetypes that color shows up in, in order. Here we go!

Top 5 non-rares

1. Cone of Flame : This card is always a 2 for 1 and very frequently a 3 for 1. Blowing someone out with this card nearly always leads to winning the game.

2. Stoke the Flames : This card frequently costs less than 4 mana. This card being an instant, and being able to go to the face in the late game is also huge and adds to the versatility of this card.

3. Brood Keeper : Brood Keeper is just the nuts. In a format with enchantment seekers and 2 power creatures (which this thing crushes in combat.)

4. Lightning Strike A very efficient burn spell that will continue to be a high pick.

5. Heat Ray A great kill spell. Pretty bummed that it doesn’t go to the face, but this is still efficient and will deal with the vast majority of creatures.


The archetypes are all relatively aggressive for the color Red.

W/R enchantments is the best in my mind. Heliod’s Pilgrim is a great enabler in this deck and really gives it the power that it needs.

Mono Red is probably the second best. You have no problem playing all of the double red spells and cards like Krenko’s Enforcer make it difficult for your opponent to race you.

Red/Green is all about Kird Chieftain and Elvish Mystics. You also have access to all of the Red burn spells and the large Green creatures make it hard for your opponent to compete with you on the ground.

Red/Blue is all about cheap evasion creatures and spells that can keep your opponent off balance while you race them with your fliers and intimidate creatures.

Red/Black is assuredly the worse of the Red color combos. I don’t think it is either fast nor aggressive enough to really compete in M15 limited.

I hope you guys enjoyed looking at red in M15. Join me on Monday for White!


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