261: Making Magic History with Piotr Glogowski

Piotr Glogowski is a Modern enthusiast, weird-deck lover, MTGO grinder, Twitch streamer and Silver level pro. He’s made it to the top 8 of a Pro Tour and 2nd place at the World Magic Cup with his Polish teammates in 2017. He also has two Grand Prix top 8s, both in Modern, and played in the 2016 Magic Online Championship. Piotr lives in Poznań.

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First Set

Return to Ravnica

Favorite Set

Khans of Tarkir

Favorite Card

[draft]Abzan Guide
Summer Bloom[/draft]

Early Challenge

Piotr realized that he wasn’t good at Magic, he was only good with his specific deck. He struggled with Standard and Limited. To overcome this, he played with players who he knew were much better than him.

Worst Magic Moment

Piotr remembers a weekend when he tried to qualify for Pro Tour Kaladesh. He played a Paper Magic event on Saturday and Sunday and a Magic Online event at Midnight between the two.
He had two nearer misses.

Proudest Magic Moment

Top 8 at Pro Tour Ixalan, 2nd Place at World Magic Cup 2017.

Magic Milestones

Pt Atlanta, because Piotr learned to learn. Also, preparing for the Magic Online Championship with Simon Nielsen.

Advice for New Players

Don’t assume you know things. Listen to what others have to say.

Parting Guidance

If you want a broken deck in Modern, play Lantern Control.

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