109: Pascal Maynard Reveals Wizards Coverage Secrets to Help You Improve

Pascal Maynard was on the Canadian National Team in 2010 and Top 50’d his first PT (which was Worlds Chiba 2010) by making it to 5th place in the team portion. He’s played in over 15 Pro Tours and has 10 Grand Prix Top 8s (including 2 wins!) in his record. He currently has 1 Pro Tour Top 8 and is gunning for more.

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First Set

5th Dawn

Favorite Set

Time Spiral (Block)

Favorite Card

Tooth and Nail

What makes Magic: The Gathering fun for you?

The competitiveness.

Early Challenge

Pascal never wanted to play the best deck but he still remembers the first time he swapped decks with a body who ran an aggressive deck and the eye opening experience that was.

Worst Magic Moment

All of 2014.

Pascal could not win that year. He considered leaving the game until he top 8’d a Grand Prix on his way to go visit a friend.

If you are going through a slump, consider what you are doing wrong. Always turn the lens inward. Ask friends to watch you play.

Proudest Magic Moment

Making top 8 of a Pro Tour.

Deepest Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself

Pascal likes being competitive and doesn’t like not learning.

Magic has made Pascal a more organized person.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

People care too much about what’s around them and how others think of them.

Players who are good at ABC Magic play too fast because they don’t want others to think they don’t know. Great players slow down, think, and don’t care what others are doing or thinking.


Evaluate whether you are the aggressor or on defense often. Make a note, especially when you sideboard.

Improvement Suggestions

Go to Wizards Coverage site and do a search for a specific deck or a specific player and you can watch all the coverage of that deck or player. It’s all right there! No digging through hours of YouTube to find the right one. It’s all right there. 🙂

Magic Resource

Neil Oliver articles on ChannelFireball

Search by deck or player! – http://www.mtgcoverage.com/

Connect With Pascal Maynard

Twitter: @PascalMaynard

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