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Card Kingdom

Fastest Shipping & Best Customer Service

There are SO MANY online retailers for Magic: The Gathering that I decided to conduct an experiment to determine the best one.

My main criteria were product price, shipping costs and speed of delivery. I also considered customer service and the user friendliness of the site.

I started out by ordering one booster pack from four different online retailers. To accurately judge the shipping time I wanted each purchase to be as close to each other as possible.

To do this, I made an account on each of the sites and put in my purchase information. Then I put a booster pack in my shopping cart and checked out of each store within seconds of each other. 

The confirmation emails hit my inbox within minutes and the “Your Order Has Shipped” emails followed soon after. Below is a chart showing the retailer and how they held up.

Retailer Product ordered Time ordered Confirmation received Shipping Notification received Date of Arrival
MTG Fanatic
1 Booster Pack
Just after 5:50 AM
on 23 April 14
(all orders placed within seconds of each other)
23 April 14 – 9:51 AM 23 April 14 – 9:51 AM 25 April 14 – 2:24 PM
Card Kingdom 23 April 14 – 5:58 AM 23 April 14 – 2:35 PM 25 April 14 – PM
Old School Gaming 23 April 14 – 5:57 AM 23 April 14 – 12:23 PM 28 April 14 – 10:30 AM
MTG Distribution 23 April 14 – 5:58 AM 23 April 14 – 2:22 PM 02 May 14 – PM

It came down to Card Kingdom and MTG Fanatic.

My booster pack from each arrived on the same day and the overall cost was within 4 cents of each other. So for the tie breaker I went and added 20 booster packs to my shopping card and calculated the shipping to see if there was a significant difference with a larger order.

MTG Fanatic had a slightly lower shipping cost on larger orders but Card Kingdom offers free shipping on orders over $100. Also, Card Kingdom’s selection is much more inclusive and I hardly ever see Out of Stock notices like I do on MTG Fanatic.

Now I know there are a LOT more stores out there and four is a pretty small sample but I wanted to get this experiment off the ground with plans of doing future iterations. (Sorry it took me so long to publish this.)

I intend to buy singles from a list of stores to see how their advertised conditions compare with actual conditions. But since singles are more for EDH than for Limited I decided to start with booster packs.

Bottom lineCard Kingdom is the best online Magic: The Gathering store and I happily recommend them to you.

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