248: UK Captain Niels Molle Returns and Encourages You to Take the Next Step

Niels Molle is the UK World Magic Cup team Captain and returns to the show with 2 Grand Prix Top 8 finishes and a Gold level Pro. Originally from the Netherlands but coming to us from England.

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Catching Up

Niels has spent the year playing more Magic Online and a lot more Grand Prix.

Biggest Lesson Over The Year

Niels’ Limited game has improved a bunch this past season.

English Nationals

Niels played a Mardu vehicles lost. As the English team captain, he’s with the other members to prepare for the World Magic Cup.


There are several tips 1 deck with Temur energy being the top.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

In reflection, Niels realizes that his technical gameplay needs work. (Money players struggle with this.) His solution is to slow down and consider the lines more.

Parting Guidance

Players are sometimes hesitant to take the next step. There’s no substitute for just going.

Connect With Neils Molle

Neils can be found in the MTG Pro Tutor Facebook group.

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