mono wIn M14 White was widely seen as the weakest color. So much so that Willy Edel implemented a draft strategy at the Pro Tour that revolved around drafting W/G aggressive decks simply because no one else was drafting them.

In M15 WotC seems to have pushed White a little further. There are two main paths you can take with white in M15. The first is the path of the soldier. On this path you will prioritize early drops and have probably picked up a Preeminent Captain or two. Without powerful enablers like this, Soldiers is just a mediocre aggro deck.

The other White aggro deck revolves around the convoke mechanic and requires that you swarm your opponent. Raise the Alarm and Triplicate Spirits make up the main engine of the deck. Selfless Cathar also works great with this strategy and since all three of these cards are commons, there should be plenty floating around.

Being Mono W also gives you access to Geist of the Moors and the super flashy uncommon Seraph of the Masses. Having access to these gives you a huge edge in any draft pod. That being said, there seem to be only a handful of white playables and you cant really play the convoke cards in the soldier deck and vise versa. This makes the deck only draftable when White is way open, which I would predict it to be given how awful the color was in M14. GO win some packs!

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