metagamingMetagaming in Limited is vastly different than in constructed. This is mainly due to the quickly¬†evolving nature of the format. Drafts are happening all the time on MTGO unlike major constructed events that occur primarily on weekends. It is also more difficult to force colors in a draft than it is to build a deck for a constructed event. Even though you know Red is the best color, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be opened at your spot on the table.

However, this doesn’t mean that finding out the best colors isn’t at all important. If you know the three colors that are sure to be over drafted, maybe you can rank cards of the other two colors higher knowing that even if the power level is weaker, they will come in a constant flow from ¬†both directions.

Paying attention to the most popular and most powerful colors are important for this very reason. when you sit down at a draft table, you want to know what is best, and what archetypes you are likely to have to beat to win the whole shebang.

I like to talk to friends about this early in a format. Sharing ideas and reading the articles of pros is usually the place to start. As stated in previous articles; just because the people at your shop think red is the best color, doesn’t mean it to be true. Trust the experts and go with your gut.

Join me later in the week as I break down each color into its core cards.

My color power rankings for M15:






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