209: Max McVety Returns! and Uncovers the Factors You Can Control

Max McVety is a mechanical engineer from Ann Arbor who has 2 Grand Prix top 8 finishes, an SCG Invitational win, and a couple of Pro Tour cashes. He recently picked up RIW Hobbies as his first sponsor.

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How To Choose A Deck

Know the balance between pushing your range and sticking with what you know.

What Are The Key Relationship in Your Career

Andrew Elenbogen, Kyle Boggemes

Where Do You Fit in a Team

Max is the side board expert. He nails down the exact cards to take out and put in.

Color Philosophy

Max aligns with blue. He likes to think deeply about a topic.

Level Up Moment

Dealing with variance.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Players know what the best deck is and try not to play it.

Parting Guidance

Prepare for the event by focussing on what you can control:
-Deck choice
-Side board
-In-game decisions

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