281: When You Own Up to Your Mistakes Improvements Will Come with Matt Kling

Matt Kling is the former co-host of the Constructed Criticism podcast and made his first Grand Prix top 8 at Memphis in 2018. Matt lives in West Valley, Utah.

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First Set

Rise of the Eldrazi

Favorite Set


Favorite Card

Akroma, Angel of Wrath

Early Challenge

Not being as good as you think you are. Matt overcome this by befriending better players.

Worst Magic Moment

Getting tricked by an old school trick (the pen trick) felt bad. Matt learned to be careful of advice given by an opponent.

Proudest Magic Moment

Top 8 at GP Memphis


Your opponent is a person who is trying to enjoy the game remember that and treat them kindly.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Not admitting they are the one making mistakes.

Parting Guidance

Own up to your mistakes. When you do that, improvements start to come.

Magic Resource

MTG Goldfish, MTGO, Mana Traders

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