211: Martin Juza Shares Heavy Lifting Drafting Tips

Martin Juza has a record that speaks for itself with an impressive 25 Grand Prix top 8s including 4 wins and 3 Pro Tour top 8s with an additional 3 top 16 finishes! He’s well known in the Magic community as a pillar of good sportsmanship. Martin lives in the Czech Republic.

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First Set

Urza’s Destiny

Favorite Set

Time Spiral

Favorite Card


Early Challenge

Every aspect of Magic was new but events, articles  and other people helped fill in the gap.

Worst Magic Moment

There was a year where Martin didn’t make Platinum. He missed one European Grand Prix and it cost him $1,000 bucks.

Proudest Magic Moment

There was a year where he always made top 8 or top 16. Also, his first Pro Tour top 8 felt really great.

What Have You Learned From Magic

Travel the world and experience  different culture.

Magic Shortcomings

Martin is working on preparing better for Magic event.

Drafting Tips

If you’re choosing between two cards that are of similar power levels, always pick the cheaper card.

Tournament Day Tips

Don’t be like Martin 😉

Biggest Mistake Players Make

The most important thing in constructed is good side boarding. Having a plan and knowing what to take out and put in is key to success.

How to Effectively Prepare for a Big Event

Martin practices with Channel Fireball team and they constantly discuss the best deck and evaluate the meta-game.

Daily Habits

Martin has experience with other games (Hearthstone and poker) and brings that to Magic.

Parting Guidance

Read a lot of article, watch games and learn all you can.

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