219: Lukas Blohon Returns and Shares 1.5 Years of One Game at a Time

Lukas Blohon returns to the show after increasing his already impressive record. He now has 7 Grand Prix top 8s including 2 wins and 2 Pro Tour top 8s. Lukas lives in Prague, Czech Republic. His first appearance on the MTG Pro Tutor podcast was episode 61.

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Whats New

Lukas now plays Magic full time. He produces content for Hareruya and plays.
After locking Platinum, Lukas decided to make the leap.

Time Management

Breaking up Magic times with other activities helps Lukas focus better.

What happened at GP Vegas

Lukas played in the Modern event and remembers a loss he had. After 4 days of solid Magic, Lukas missed an onboard man land and his opponent won when Lukas was favored.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Playing too fast. People don’t think their whole turn through.


Playing an auto pilot. Lukas does it in practice and wants to get better.

Parting Guidance

Play one match at a time.

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