308: Pro Tour Champion Luis Salvatto Returns to Talk Winning, Surviving, and Bluffing (Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan Champion)

Luis Salvatto is currently tied in the Player of Year race (with Seth Manfield) and is the Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan champion. He has 7 Grand Prix top 8s which include 2 wins and was also the Sunday Super Series champion in 2014. Luis lives in Argentina.

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Luis is a past guest of the show and you can find his origin story in episode 119.

World Travel

Luis spent 50 days traveling around the world. He spent 7 weeks in 7 different places. His secret was to travel Light. He had a modern deck and some clothes. That’s pretty much it.

Pro Tour RIX

Luis friend approached him and suggested he play Lantern Control. After asking other friends what they think he went for it. After a rocky start, Luis got his steam and went all the way to take the championship.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Players don’t play to win. They play to survive. Also, players don’t bluff enough.

Parting Guidance

The best part of Magic is the people you play the game with. Surround yourself with good friends and soar.

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