282: Draft a Lot and Make Your Own Decisions with Lars Dam

Lars Dam has 2 Pro Tour top 16s; 1 MOCS win and 1 MOCS top 4. He averages 2 drafts per day and is a former pro poker player. Now he enjoys sports betting on soccer. He’s married with no children, is 35 years old and lives in Thailand (even though he’s Danish).

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First Set

Ice Age

Favorite Set

Eldritch Moon

Favorite Card

Winter Orb

Early Challenge

Card availability was tough for Lars. By making friends, he expanded his collection.

Worst Magic Moment

Lars went to a Worlds Competition when he was really rusty and did very poorly.

Proudest Magic Moment

Getting 9th at Worlds in 2005.

What Have You Learned From Magic

Patience and you can’t always win.

Sportsmanship On Magic Online

Be careful saying ‘gg’ when you’re winning.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

When drafting, players value other people’s opinion and pick orders too much.

Parting Guidance

Draft a lot. Limited is the gateway to being a better overall Magic player

Connect With Lars Dam

Twitter: @_Malavi_ 

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