257: The Power of Magic Online and Good Math Skills with Estonia World Magic Cup Captain Karl Sarap

Karl Sarap is the 2017 World Magic Cup team Captain for Estonia and has 1 Grand Prix top 8 from GP Liverpool 2017 and won his first World Magic Cup Qualifier in 2016. Karl lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

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First Set

Saviors of Kamigawa

Favorite Set

Shadows Over Innistrad

Favorite Card

Gonti, Lord of Luxury

Early Challenge

Karl quickly learned to listen to other players and ask questions of the better.

Magic Milestones

First Grand Prix (at age 16) cashing Second Grand Prix, Top 8 at GP Liverpool 2017.

Worst Magic Moment

Right after Karl came back to Magic he made it to top 8 of a WMCQ. He attacked with one creature too many and died on the crack back.

Proudest Magic Moment

GP top 8 in Liverpool 2017.

What Have You Learned From Magic

Things don’t come easy. You have to work.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Giving up before the game is over.

How to Effectively Prepare for a Big Event

Karl goes through the spoiler twice and rates the cards himself. Then he needs LSVs Set review. He’ll attend the pre-release and play as much as he can online.

Parting Guidance

Play Magic Online as much as you can. If you won’t get better play MTGO.

Magic Resource

Twitch.tv/eheh_dude, Channel Fireball, MTGO BBD, Gabriel Nassif

Connect With Karl Sarap

Karl can be found in the MTG Pro Tutor Facebook group.

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