304: Grand Prix Champion Jessica Estephan Makes World History (Champion GP Sydney 2018)

Jessica Estephan is the first woman to win a Grand Prix and made Magic: The Gathering history when her team took first at Grand Prix Sydney 2018. She’s a podcaster who loves creating content and she enjoys most competitive formats, with a preference for standard and modern. Though she does have a soft spot for a well-powered cube. Jessica lives in Sydney, Australia.

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First Set

Born of the Gods

Favorite Set


Favorite Card

Back to Basics

Early Challenge

Not understanding what it meant to be competitive. The Australian scene is very different than the States and it was hard for Jess to get started.

Worst Magic Moment

Jessica learned by observation that you “needed” to be a rules lawyer to succeed. She realized that that’s not the case.

Proudest Magic Moment

Winning Grand Prix Sydney 2018 (Team Unified Modern).

What Have You Learned From Magic

Jessica now plays poker on a serious.

Grand Prix Preparation

The thing that helped the most was having a good team chemistry.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Newbie mistakes include sleeving your deck wrong.

Parting Guidance

Spend your Magic time having fun and creating positive memories for yourself and others.

Magic Resource

Limited Resources, CFB, SCG, YouTube, The V Clique Podcast

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