252: Don’t Let One Game Ruin Your Day with Jeff Pyka

Jeff Pyka is a long time grinder who made top 16 at his 3rd Pro Tour – Pro Tour Ixalan. He also has a top 8 finish at GP Cincinnati 2014 with UW devotion. Jeff lives in Hamden, Connecticut.

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First Set

Ice Age

Favorite Set

Ravnica: City of Guilds

Favorite Card

Lightning Angel

Early Challenge

Not realizing what his own mistakes were. Plus, Jeff always wanted to build and play his own deck.

Worst Magic Moment

RPTQ for Honolulu. Jeff was playing a deck and was very confident. He miscalculated always and then lost.
He tilted hard and lost game 3.

Proudest Magic Moment

Top 16 at Pro Tour Ixalan.

What Have You Learned From Magic

Vocabulary. All keywords have meaning. Taking the punches of life, dusting off and moving on.

Magic Mentors

Jake Mondello, Antonio De Rosa

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Players don’t accept that they made a mistake. Take more ownership.

Parting Guidance

Don’t let one game ruin your day.

Magic Resource

GAM Podcast, The Grinder Podcast, Top Level Podcast, MTG Goldfish

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