210: Controlling Emotional Responses with Javier Luna

Javier Luna is a veteran player who has played in several Pro Tours and Worlds. He runs a website at magiclair.com.ar that provides free articles in Spanish. The site covers all the formats and focuses on growing the Latin American Magic community. He has 1 Grand Prix Top 8 and 1 Super Sunday Series Final Top 8. Javier lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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First Set


Favorite Set

Legends / Urza’s Saga

Favorite Card

Mana Drain

Early Challenge

Drafting has always been a challenge for Javier. He focuses on this by drafting online. Screenshots are a lifesaver.

Worst Magic Moment

At a GP in Santiago, Javier went 9-0 in day1 but went 0-5-1 on day 2. He felt so bad and struggled mentally, but came to realize that everyone has good and bad days.

Proudest Magic Moment

First Grand Prix top 8 / Seeing countrymen do great.


Javier is working on his draft skills and is focusing on controlling his emotional responses to losing.

Best Format


Daily Habits

Reading everything he can. Javier keeps tabs through CFB and SC. He also plays every day even if it’s just one or two matches.

Deepest Thing You’ve Learned About Yourself

Javier learned about leadership and friendship.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Players complain about luck all the time when they have no control over it. Improve yourself and understand that luck is part of the game.

Preparation for  Tournaments

Javier followed the metagame closely and chose a Blue / Red deck. However, one week before the Grand Prix, he started losing a lot. So Javier talked with the best player in the country and switched to a Mardu deck.

Parting Guidance

Enjoy the game. Magic is great. Play with friends and meet new people. Travel all you can.

Magic Resource

magiclair.com.ar, CFB, SCG

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