271: Game State IQ and Dealing with Loss with Isaac Sears

Isaac Sears has worked in the casino industry for a decade and his Magic accomplishments include 1 Grand Prix top 8, 1 team Grand Prix top 4, and a top 75 at Pro Tour DC. He also has 1 SCG top 8, 2 scg top 16s, and was a semifinalist at the World Magic Cup. Isaac lives in Santa Rosa, CA.

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First Set


Favorite Set

Mirrodin / Kamigawa

Favorite Card


Early Challenge

Dealing with loss and tilting has been hard for Isaac.

Worst Magic Moment

Isaac was banned for a time early in his career. It was rough because he didn’t know the rule that the broke existed.
Always call a judge if you’re unsure about anything.

Proudest Magic Moment

Tie between winning a WMCQ and making Top 4 at a team GP in Santa Clara.

Advice for Early Players

If it’s cute it’s probably wrong. Beware of interactions that are fleshy but don’t actually win.
Always play test.

Applied to Life

Resource Management. Learning how to manage time and other resources in life.

Daily Habits

Check MTG Top 8, Read everyday

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Players get too comfortable and forget to check the little things. Be aware of the board state, including the graveyard.

Parting Guidance

If you’re tilting, it’s okay to walk away.

Magic Resource

CFB, Twitch, MTG Top 8

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