In M15 Green seems to be very hit or miss with a special lack of depth. This is shown in the commons and uncommons especially. The rares are very powerful and include many bombs, but the backbone of your base Green deck is nearly always underwhelming.

1. Elvish Mystic is a staple in any deck with seven or more forests. This little guy allows you to be a turn ahead of your opponent for the cost of just a single card.
2. Feral Incarnation is an outright bomb. The issue however is that this is usually going to be cast for six or more mana. However, at six mana I would much rather have this than Kalonian Twingrove.
3. If your looking for a giant, under-costed, beater, look no further than Siege Wurm. Simple and huge, this guy will both win you games and make sure you don’t lose them.
4. Living Totem is a formidable threat in the early game where you can consistently cast it as a 3/4 on turn three. It is also rock solid In the late game allowing you to add extra counters to your Siege Wurm.
5. Hunt the Weak is a solid spell and gets bumped up by being Green’s only removed spell. It also has the added bonus of pumping your team.


W/G convoke feels like the premier archetype in this format and definitely has a lot of powerful tools. It uses the best White and Green spells to smash in the opponents face.

R/G monsters is still a formidable foe. Kird Chieftain is the reason to play this deck. It goes bigger, faster, and if that’s not enough incentive to play is deck, I don’t know what is.

G/U is an interesting midrange strategy. The cheap Blue spells match up well with the expensive green spells, creating a window that allows you time to slam down your enormous creatures.

G/B is tough to play. This archetype generally relies on its excellent card quality to get there. Without that, it’s usually just a pile of scraps.

Mono G is just awful. The card quality isn’t nearly high enough for it to be good. Also, with all of the insane green rares, more people than ought to be, find themselves lost in the woods.

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