292: Hot Summer Months with Goncalo Pinto

Goncalo Pinto is stacking up his record with 1 Grand Prix top 8, 1 Nationals top 8, and a Pro Tour top 8 at Pro Tour Dominaria. Goncalo lives in Barreiro Portugal.

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First Set


Favorite Set

Ravnica City of Guilds

Favorite Card

[draft]Ninja of the Deep Hours[/draft]

Early Challenge

Goncalo had early successes but then got crushed a lot. He eventually started playing MTGO and got better.

Worst Magic Moment

Going to 9 Pro Tours and only making day 2 at 1 of them.

Proudest Magic Moment

Top 8’ng a Grand Prix and making top 8 at a Pro Tour 2 weeks later.

Current Draft State

Red is working well for Goncalo because everyone thinks the format is slow.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Not playing enough with your deck.

Parting Guidance

If you want to improve play on Skype and share screens. Ask questions and discuss the game.

Magic Resource

SCG, CFB, Twitch.tv

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