159: Near Misses Aren’t the End with Gold Level Pro Eric Severson

Eric Severson is a Gold Level Pro and a member of Team East West Bowl who has 4 Grand Prix Top 8s to his name. Eric lives in Davis California.

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First Set


Favorite Set


Favorite Card

Birthing pod

What makes Magic: The Gathering fun for you?

Competition is key to having fun for Eric. The ability to progress is very appealing.

Early Challenge

Sideboarding was tough at the beginning. By finding a deck, he would master helped him focus on improving his sideboarding skills.

Level Up Moment

Playing the same deck and going to competitive events regularly really added to Eric’s skill.

Worst Magic Moment

Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar (3rd Pro Tour), after a great day one and having a 10-1 record, Eric loses 4 games in a row and then draws and misses top 8 and a Pro Tour invite.

Proudest Magic Moment

Top 8’ing a Grand Prix to make silver and get the Pro Tour invite after losing it 6 times. Top 4 of a team Grand Prix was also a highlight. Eric made a sweet reanimator play on camera.

Biggest Mistake Players Make

Players drop from tournaments. WHY? If you paid and traveled, then play all the rounds. Thinking through this turn and the next yields big advantages.

Best Format


Effective Limited Preparation

Grind booster drafts and sealed events on MTGO. Play pre-release. Have a draft camp weekend.

Improvement Suggestions

Have fun playing the games.

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